Napkin Paper


Napkin Paper

Application range:

It is suitable for automatic soft plastic packing of facial tissues, napkins, square tissues etc.

Main performances and structure features:

1 Featured by compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and adjustment.

2 Servo/step motor, touch screen, OMRON PLC controls system and man-machine interface display make operation more clear and convenient. With high automation degree, the machine is more user-friendly.

3 Equipped with man-machine interface operating system, can display packing speed and quantity and  other performance parameters cause of the malfunction, and the operating and maintenance methods.

4 In the same piece of equipment within the provisions of the specifications can be adjusted using the many type

5 With wide packing range and convenient adjustment, fast switching among various specifications and sizes can be realized.

6 The photoelectric eye automatic detection tracking system is adopted. No boxing is made if the bag is empty, so as to save packing materials to the utmost extent.

7  Automatic stopping is available when the material is not in place, and the main driving motor overload protection device is used, so that the machine is safer and more reliable.

Technical specifications

Technical details and data

1.Max Packing Speed 60 bags/minute (We set the up-limit key, the max is 60bags/min)
Stable Packing Speed 60 bags/minute

2.Paper size have 2 choices, can only choose one:

A. Width 90 or 95 or 100mm(fixed)
Height 65mm~120mm
Length 120mm~210mm

B. Width 90 or 95 or 100mm(fixed)
Height 40mm~100mm
Length 120mm~210mm

3.Total power: 11.74 KW (AC 380V 50HZ)                                                 
A. main motor: 1.5kw
B. discharge motor: 0.37kw
C. feeding motor1: 0.18kw
D. feeding motor2: 0.18kw
E. feeding tailor motor3: 0.37kw
F. feeding and releasing film: 0.55kw
G. servo motor1: 0.75kw
H. servo motor2: 0.75kw
I. motor for easy-tear 360rolling knife: 0.09kw
J. heating pipe: 1.5kw*4= 6kw
K. side sealing heating : 1kw

4.Parameter setting: Touch screen
Program control: PLC

5.Total machine weight: 3Tons

6.Equipped with two sizes of folding molds for free.
(Molds must be selected while contract signed.)

7.Components Brand :
7.1 PLC: Siemens
7.2 Pneumatic Components: SMC
7.3 Inverter: Siemens
7.4 Touch screen: Siemens (must order)
7.5 Contactor: Schneider

8.Machine material:
8.1 Machine body: 20mm thickness 45# steel
8.2 Gear: 45# steel
8.3 Feeding conveyor frame:304 stainless steel & Q235
8.4 Discharge conveyor: 304 stainless steel & 45# steel
8.5 Active shaft: 45# steel
8.6 Shield: Aluminum alloy & Acrylic board or Steel Frame & Acrylic board

8.7 Film device frame12mm thickness 45# steel
8.8 Film Cutter: High Speed Steel

9.Overall Dimension:
L4400mm+2200mm feeding extra conveyor *W3450mm *H2000mm

Specification  SAN-FP-70
Stable Packing speed60 bag/min
Packing speed60 bag/min
Paper size(L * W * H)Width 90 or 95 or 100mm(fixed)
Height 65mm~120mm
Length 120mm~210mm
Width 90 or 95 or 100mm(fixed)
Height 40mm~100mm
Length 120mm~210mm
Total power 11.74 KW
Main motor1.5 KW
Paper feed motor powerServo motor 0.75KW
Intermediate conveyance motor powerServo motor 0.75KW
Film easy-tear cutter servo motor0.09KW
Film releasing motor0.55kw
Discharge motor power0.37
Arrange / Manage paper Motor Power0.18
Feeding Motor Power0.18
Additional feeding conveyor motor power0.37
Total heating power7
Machine noise≤78 dB
Air pressure0.7 MPa
Machine net weight3000 KG
Machine overall size6600*3510*2050 mm
Voltage and frequency380 V 50 Hz
Packing film0.04 mm CPP Double-sided heat sealing film

Components Brand:(Only for reference)

1Photoelectric switchIfmGerman
4Proximity switchLANBAOChina
5Metic LubricationMINGYUANChina
6Color code electric eyeSICKGerman
7Coding machineDKChina
8Cutter motorZhongDaChina
9Motors(Feeding,conveying,pull film,discharge system )DeLiChina
10Reducer(Feeding,conveying,pull film,discharge system )JiaoXingChina
11Main drive motorAKSChina

Main drive motor reducerXinLingChina
1212 pin plug&24 pin plug(heavy duty connector)WeidmuellerGerman

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