Toilet Paper


Toilet Paper

This machine is used to pack different numbers of toilet rolls automatically. It works fast, and speed is 5 times faster than labor work. This machine equips Panasonic inverter and Omron PLC. Main body of the machine is welded with 12mm steel board and working table is stainless steel. It has mechanical and photo-electrical cutting-proofing device, ensures the safety.


1.1 With PLC program control, this machine can run very stable with low system failure rate and reduce mechanical contact

1.2 The inverter speed control unit enables operators to change the packing speed only through turning the switch connected to the inverter.

1.3 Main body of the machine is welded with 12mm steel board then heat treated to eliminate internal stress and make no shaking during working.

1.4 Gear-chain type step-less speed changer. The length of packing bag can be adjusted when turning the handle.

1.5 Digital display shows bag length, packing speed, sealing temperature and capacity.

1.6 Two-way photoelectric tracing system, ensuring the accurate cut on the packing film at the right position.

1.7 Automatic stop positioning.It prevents the film from getting burned when the machine stops.

1.8 This machine furnishes leakage protection switch to protect workers and machine.

1.9 Emergency switches and protecting shells outside the sealing knife to protect operators from any danger by error operating.

Packing capacity20-30 bags/min
(as per packing material, thickness and packing size)
Packing specificationL: 100-1400mm
W: 80-260mm
H: 50-140mm
Packing roll numbers2 -12pcs
Main power4.24kw
Drive typeflat belt synchronous drive
Packing MaterialCPP, OPP packing film
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