Pocket type dental bib folding machine

Bib with tie and pocket

Pocket type dental bib folding machine

    Pocket type dental bib folding Machine

1 Product open size 660*370 mm

Product folded size 165*185 mm

Pocket size 10 cm

Tissue paper 1 ply 21 gsm

PE film 1 ply 13-15 gsm

2 Embossing unit 1 Steel to wool roller with heating unit

Embossing unit 2 Steel to steel roller with heating unit

3 Die cutting unit Can be customized

4 Folding unit   Pocket edge, fold 1, Pocket fold,M fold, V fold

5 Cutting unit 1 set

6 Power supply 380 V 50 HZ 3 PHASE

7 Tension control Magnetic powder tension control

8 Automatic rectifying unit 2 sets

9 Automatic counting Yes

Automatic stop the machine if material break or used up Yes

10 Working speed 200-300 pcs/min (as per different function)

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