Small Jumbo Roll /Maxi Roll Automatic Band Saw Cutting Machine

Small Jumbo Roll /Maxi Roll Automatic Band Saw Cutting Machine


1 Machine Model: SAN-BD-2500/2800/3000/3700/4000

2 Feeding Log Length: Maximum 2600/2800/3000/3500/4000

3 Log Diameter: 150-250mm (adjustable)

4 Feeding Control System: Servo Motor Control;

5 Parameter Setting Operating Touch Screen Interface ( English and Chinese Language)

6 Programmable controller: PLC;

7 Speed: 15 ~ 40 Cuts/Min;

8 Tolerance ±1 mm

9 Cutting Length: ≤280 mm (Adjustable);

10 Saw Blade: 1pcs; Size: 5180mm x90mm x 0.9mm;

11 Grinding System: Automatic Grinding Feeding;

12 Air Supply System: 0.6Mpa (Provided By Customer);

13 Motor: Three Phase Motor;

14 Installed Power: 380V, 50Hz

15 Machine Weight: Approximate 3000-4500 Kg;


1.Main motor independent convertor driving.

2.Automatic stop and alarm when detects error.

3.Auto adjustment when fails to cut well.  

4.The feeding unit motor adopts high precision servo systemm, thus ensures the final products quality.


5.The equipment can automatically calculate the quantity of the finished products accordign to the raw material size and cutting length.

6.When data input is incorrect,the equipment breaks off and prompts to adjust on the interface;

7.Band saw cutting unit can reduce the costs and maintenace fees.

8.Automatic sharpening system can be adjusted as per requirement and prolong the cutting unit service life.