Facial tissue production line


Facial tissue production line


SAN-FT V Fold Facial tissue Machine adopts PLC programmable technology, frequency control and touch type multi-screen HMI. An independently developed long-distance communication service system is equipped to monitor the running of the machine. The  whole machine adopts timing belt driving and stepless speed adjustment, fitting more kinds of raw material and enhancing the quality and quantity.


Main features:

1.Pneumatic steel to steel embossing roller and pneumatic separation.

2.Pneumatic jumbo roll loading, stepless speed adjustment and tension control

3.Roots Vacuum Pump is set for larger absorption and better operation.

4.Pneumatic dot slitting and full slitting are available to make products of different width.

5.Steel to steel embossing unit to bond the paper together.

6.Optional jumbo roll guiding system.

7.The machine will stop when the paper is broken, avoiding waste caused by no paper or broken paper.

8.Frontal and back inching switch is set to drive the paper to make easier and safer operation.

9.Automatic timing lubrication on key parts.


Working processNameRecomended models
1. FoldingFacial tissue interfoldingSAN-FT (2-14 lines)
Facial tissue interfolding and cuttingSAN-FT (2-5 lines)
2. CuttingManual band sawSAN-DQ
Auto band sawSAN-DQ-4300
Log saw cutting machine


3. Packing Semi auto packing
SAN-FP-E   Soft- type semi auto packing 
SAN-BP-B  Box-type semi auto packing
Full auto packing SAN-FP      Soft type auto packing
SAN-FP-70/90 Box type full auto packing

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