Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine


Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

Technical specifications: 

Machine ModelSAN-FJ-C-1200-3500
Raw Material Width(mm)1200- 3500 mm
Finished roll diameter60-150mm
Finished roll core diameter20-50mm
Raw material diameter1100mm
Raw material13-18 gsm double-ply18-22 gsm single-ply13-15 gsm tri-ply
inner dia.of parent roll coreStandardφ3' (76.2mm) unless otherwise specified
Perforation pitch4 perforating blades 90-160 mm ;
2 perforating knives  180-320mm
Speed180-200 m/min
Pneumatic System3 HP air compressor
Power5.5-15 KW
Driving systemIndependent servo driving
Embossing unitSingle ply; Double ply; Steel to steel embossing
Bottom embossing rollerFelt roller,wool roller ,rubber roller
Unwinding unit1-3 sets
Finished roll rewindingCoreless rewinding system
Edge embossingSteel to steel
Printing UnitSingle/dual color printing unit
Calendaring unitSteel to steel, steel to rubber

Features of Products

Main features:

1. Automatic core loading and replacing. The logs are automatically pushed out and new logs will be winded right afterwards. The cores can be changed to any sizes within one minute.

2. Automatic unloading system with mechanical arms pushing the products out. The minimum diameter of the product is 60mm.

3. Automatic trimming,gluing and sealing at one time. The machine adopts international popular trimming and sealing technology which leaves 10-18mm tails of the roll, reducing waste and cutting down the costs.

4. Advanced PLC programmable control technology is used to produce winding rolls which are tight at the beginning and getting loose along the way to avoid the problem that the cores are loose from the rolls after long time storage.

5. High-precision screwy perforation knife of four blades is equipped to make clear perforating, lower noises and wider range of the gear box.

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