Disposable table cover roll making machine


Disposable table cover roll making machine

Full Automatic Table Cover Roll Making Machine 

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This machine is used to produce the disposable laminated table cover roll making machine. 

 Working flow:

①Raw material pneumatic loading

②paper flat belt driving

③1-6 color large size printing unit&drying unit

④plastic film magnetic powder tension control

⑤paper PE film lamination and composition

center folding (optional)

servo-controlled auto perforation

auto rewinding

⑨auto cutting and core replacing

Equipment specifications




1 Ply tissue paper and 1 ply HDPE film

Tissue paper size

800-1100 mm×Φ1100mm

PE film size

800-1100 mm×Φ500mm

Paper core diameter


Rewinding roller width


Material loading

Tissue paper pneumatic loading

PE film manual loading

Material feeding

Tissue paper by flat belt

PE film by magnetic powder tension control


PLC operation system and HMI control panel, servo system for perforating and color printing units

Finished product paper core

Φ35-50 mm

Rewinding large rolls diameter

Φ60-80 cm

Rewinding small rolls with perforation diameter

Φ60-120 mm


Spiral knife perforation (Servo control perforation pitch adjustment)

Tolerance ±3 mm

Adjustable range between 800-1300 mm

Pneumatic raw material loading

≥0.6MPa Air compressor (provided by the user)

Composition  method

Glue lamination (without embossing)

Color printing unit


CI type color printing (leave space for 6


Sealed ink box and scrapping knives

The heating unit 15 kw

1-5 color large size closed chamber and scrapper knife color printing

Working speed

60-80 m/min (with lamination and color printing)


9 kw 380 V 50 Hz

Main body

Whole steel board

Transmission system

Independent transmission/ Timing belt

Rewinding unit

Auto rewinding

End unit

Pressing roller and automatically tear off the last sheet.

Optional function

1. Printing pattern adding unit for multi-color printing.

2. Automatic aligning unit

Electric parts brand for major units

Mitsubishi or Chinese reliable brands



1. We offer two paper and plastic film combining method: heat embossing and glue lamination embossing.

2. We offer different plans based on your factory size, daily output requirement, and material.

3. All the electric components can be upgraded into designated brands.

4. For material loading, unwinding, and rewinding, we can offer both manual operation and automatic operation based on your requirement.

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