Automatic surgical drape making machine


Automatic surgical drape making machine

SAN-BD-800/1200/1600 Medical bed sheet folding machine





Fold medical use non-woven material and disposable bed sheets.

Folding method

Longitudinal fold + horizontal fold 2 times

Longitudinal fold + horizontal fold 3 times

Finished product output method

Conveying belt

Product size

700*800 mm

700*700 mm

600*600 mm

500*500 mm

400*400 mm

1400*2000 mm

800*2000 mm

700*2000 mm

800*1600 mm

800*1400 mm

700*1600 mm

700*1400 mm

Cutting length


900-2500 mm

Length adjusting

Touching panel



Raw material

20-60gms non woven

Material width



Paper core diameter

76.2 mm

Material diameter

Max 1100 mm

Working speed

80-100 m/min

Power supply

380v,50hz 3 phase 4 wire

Total power

About 8 kw

Machine weight


Machine dimension

4*1.1*2.6 m

5.3*1.2*2.8 m

Compressed air

0.6-0.8 Mpa, 1.2m^3/min (provided by the buyer)

Main parts


Machine frame

Frame structure with steel board 14 mm thick. The surface of the machine is stainless steel.

Control system

1. Main motor frequency conversion control

2. PLC, Touching panel and independent servo motor control

Conveying system

Conveying belt along the machine running direction

Material loading unit

1. Independent material loading unit that can be assembled

2. Independent material unwinding unit with 5kg magnetic powder tension control unwinding function

3. High speed guiding wheel is added to reduce the material fraction

4. 1.7m wide position mold is added to fix the product.

Folding unit

1. Adjustable folding sticks 6 pcs.

2. Position unit 1 set

Cutting unit

1. It consists of 1 upper knife and 1 bottom knife

2. Additional heating unit is added on the bottom roller to form better.

Folding unit

Half folding unit

Product output

Works to ensure the products are aligned.

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