【Machine】On color printing unit of the napkin/non-woven folding machine

【Machine】On color printing unit of the napkin/non-woven folding machine

2018-05-28 Laure Back

On color printing unit of the napkin/non-woven folding machine

Color printing unit can be added on the napkin paper or non-woven folding machine to print on customized logo or patterns.

The commonest choice for napkin paper printer is of one to two colors.


Napkin paper with embossing only.

Napkin paper with single color logo printing.

Napkin paper with single color full printing.

Napkin paper with double color logo printing.

For color printing unit with more than 2 colors, there are mainly three types of machine design: stack type, CI stype and group type.

1. Stack type:

Stack type color printing unit consists of several independent color printing roller and ink box. The material will go through the color printer one by one and colored with the designed patterns. This type of printing unit is suitable for printing on both sides or printing patterns of large size.


2. CI type:

CI type features in the design of one main big roller and several smaller rollers around it. The material will be tightly attached to the printing rollers and thus keep the material away from the influence of temperature of tension change. Material like PE film or tissue paper is hard to control in the tension and CI type printing unit can achieve the best effect.

The major advantage of CI type printing is the overlapped color printing and the printing accuracy.CI type can only print on one side.


3. Group type:

Group type color printing can be used to produce products with over 8 colors. It can print on both sides and with accurate printing.