Log Saw paper cutting machine


Log Saw paper cutting machine



SAN-HX-200 High Speed Log Saw is an important equipment in the automatic production line of toilet rolls and kitchen towels, which greatly improve the automation and efficiency. The machine features solid structure,sound appearance,accurate and fine cutting

The machine is equipped with the following:

1.Automatic sharpening system with lubrication unit.

2.Automatic paper loading and unloading.

3.The cut paper sheets and tails can be automatically separated from the good products.

4.Automatic adjustable grinding wheels are used for blade sharpening.

5.Double clamping systems for toilet paper and kitchen towels respectively, making the change convenient and time saving.


Log length1500-3500
Log outside diameter90-150
Cutting lengthvariable
Machine speed150-180 cuts/min
Operation speed150-180 cuts/min
Blade outside diameter610mm


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