Medical bed sheet roll Rewinding Machine, Couch roll machine,rollo de camilla


Medical bed sheet roll Rewinding Machine, Couch roll machine,rollo de camilla

Full automatic Couch Cover/Dental Bib Roll Rewinding Machine 

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This equipment mainly combines tissue paper with PE plastic film together. Final products from this machine can be used as disposable dental bib rolls, disposable examine bed/hospital/massage bed cover, etc. We are open to the customized requirements on size and material.

Equipment specifications

Materialdouble layers of toilet paper and single layer film
Product size(piece)Can be customized
Embossing unitsteel to the leather roller with a heating device (The pattern can be customized to samples)
Max. Size of raw material1200 mm (other to order)
Main motor power5.5 kW/ 380v/ 50 Hz
ControlPLC operation system and HMI control panel
Unwinding unitFilm unwinding is controlled by automatic tension; Paper unwinding is by flat belt convey and AK speed regulating wheel step-less control
Paper loadingPneumatic loading
Film loadingManual loading
Composite unitHeat embossing or glue lamination
Automatic counting
Optional function
Automatic cutting and end sealing
Automatically punch dotted line
Die-cutting device
Automatic core changing and rolls pushing out
The additional outside heating device



1. We offer two paper and plastic film combining method: the heat embossing and glue lamination embossing.

2. We offer different plans based on your factory size, daily output requirement, and material.

3. All the electric components can be upgraded into designated brands.

4. For material loading, unwinding and rewinding, we can offer both manual operation and automatic operation based on your requirement.

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