Disposable bed cover making machine (with an elastic rubber band)


Disposable bed cover making machine (with an elastic rubber band)

Disposable bed cover making machine (with elastic rubber bands)

Part 1.Main specifications and technical parameters

FunctionFold non-woven material and disposable bed covers.
Finished product sizeWidth 700-1200 mm
Length 1800-2200 mm
Power supply380v,50hz 3 phase 4 wire
Compressed air0.6-0.8 Mpa, 1.2m^3/min (provided by the buyer)
Machine dimension6800*2900*1200 mm
Working speedWith folding model   25 pcs/min
Without folding model   10 pcs/min

Part 2. Overview of machine functions
2.1 Working flow
Material unwinding - Rubberband unwinding - edge folding - ultrasonic edge sewing-pressing - 2nd edge folding - sewing corner - cutting corner - waste collecting - pressing - cutting - output
2.2 Main parts and features

Main partsFeatures
Machine frameSolid structure welded by square tubes that can be independently assembled
Control system
  1. 9 motors of the transmission system

  2. All the units are controlled by independent servo motors

  3. PLC, the Touching panel, floating tension control

Material loading unit
  1. Independent material loading unit

  2. Automatic material unwinding unit with 10 kg magnetic powder tension control that ensures stable unwinding

  3. A high-speed guiding wheel is added to reduce material friction

  4. EPC unit is added to ensure stable unwinding

Rubber band edge folding unit
  1. 2 sets of rubber band unwinding units that are independently servo-controlled.

  2. 2 sets of position units with adjustable direction

  3. 2 sets of customized sewing unit that can adjust the finished product width (within range)

  4. 2 sets of an ultrasonic unit that can connect the nonwoven and rubber band

Corner cutting unit
  1. 2 sets of a customized corner-cutting unit made with special high-speed steel. Tension is adjustable

  2.  The product width is adjustable

  3. 2 sets of the high-pressure waste collection unit

Cutting unitServo controlled electric cutting knife with rapid working speed
Product outputStepless speed regulation unit with adjustable speed and customized output platform
Folding unit (optional)Vertical fold twice

2.3 Major electric parts brand

Electric partsCHNT
Touching panelWeinview
Magnetic power brakeGuoxin


 After-sales services

♥One-year guarantee for the whole machine, all life follow-up service.

♥24 hours technical support by email.

♥Technicians overseas set-up and workers training.

♥User-friendly English for operation system.

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details: Stretching film packing

Delivery Detail: Shipped in 60 days after payment



Q1: What is the warranty for the machine?
A1:  For the machine, we offer one year warranty. If any quality problems occurred under normal conditions during this period, we will take on the costs of maintenance and replacement and other related costs.

Q2: How to operate and maintain the machine?A2: First, we will provide a professional and detailed manual to you with the machine; Second, we will test and debug the machine into the best condition before shipment for you. Last but not least, we also provide abroad technical training services and online expertise consulting.

Q3: How to get raw material or auxiliary material for the machine?
A3: Our company has over ten-year experience in this industry, we have accumulated various contact information of upstream& downstream firms in the fields of raw material, auxiliary material, and package for the products. We believe that our professional team can always offer you the best solutions.

Q4: How to find the matching accessories or wearing parts of the machine?

A4: We offer free replacement for wearing parts during the warranty period. Clients can also get the parts from us with a favorable price if it is out of the warranty.

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